Leader in planning of TGA-projects

ALLPLAN renders entire consulting services for the technical building by its business field TGA. When ALLPLAN was founded in 1967, the services of our experts consisted of the classic fields like sanitary, heating, climate, ventilation and electrical engineering. During the last ten years the main issues have increasingly been energy and resource efficiency as well as renewable energies.

Technical building services

ALLPLAN Low energy consulting provides solutions for low energy and passive house projects as well as solar, geothermal and biogenic energy systems. This concerns both individual projects and regional supplying plants, starting with central manufacturing and reaching the end users over the distribution. With enthusiastic engineering and profound professional competence our employees perform pioneer work when planning and implementing new technologies around technical building services – all the same whether the assignment concerns downhole heat exchangers in passive houses in a large-volume housing construction or in remote coldness. In addition to our experience in hospitals ALLPLAN is also active in cleanroom and laboratory technology where the analysis of feasibility, detailed engineering and validation according to GMP criterions is crucial. With a comprehensive equipment of measuring instruments the quality required can any time be controlled and documented on site. ALLPLAN is a consulting, planning and servicing company. Under this understanding the solutions developed by us are implemented on turnkey basis on demand, too, and, consequently, ALLPLAN yearly plans and constructs for instance approximately 50 biomass and centralized heating systems.