ALLPLAN - Our Team

Susanne Schindler, MBA

Managing Director & Shareholder

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DI Dr. Helmut Berger

Managing Director

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DI, DI (FH) Georg Brandauer

Managing Director

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Olivia Landerl

Assistant to the Shareholder / Quality Manager

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Ing. Josef Derkits

Managing Director

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Ing. Günther Schantl

Managing Director

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Dr. Manuel Ziegler, MSc

Managing Director

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Business scheme

Company profile

Basic data

Engineering and Consulting

We are an Austrian consulting company that has been successfully operating both in the national and international markets with competence, experience and future-proof solutions.

Our languages
English, german, french, farsi
Wien, St. Pölten, Munich

Guiding principles

Mission statement

Mission Statement of ALLPLAN

We are an Austrian Service Enterprise successfully acting with knowledge, experience and innovative solutions at the national and international market.

As enterprise we commit ourselves to the principles of full corporate responsibility in the society. We want to make successful business and include hereto our employees  and partners.
As an environmental manager we support sustainable developments and solve ecological challenges with enthusiasmus and economical thinking.

As consulting engineers we deal, in particular, with issues concerning technical infrastructure, energy and climate protection.

As part of the society we support and help environmental and social charity organizations, young artists and cultural institutes.

Our employees regard themselves as neutral consultants with high technical competence; they show loyalty towards the customers and serve them with an extreme efficiency and service-minded manner.

We want to provide our customers with the best solutions meeting the latest status of technology, the best ecological aspects and the best cost – profitability relationship.

We want to have satisfied customers –
they are our best reference.

For the partners and business managers:
Susanne Schindler, Helmut Berger and
Georg Brandauer

For the employees:
Lukas Gröpl (Employee representative)



Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a United Nations Policy to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all; to ensure sustainable economic, social and environmental development. We exercise the SDGs in our own organization and bring them into play when delivering our services. Of the 17 defined Sustainable Development Goals, ALLPLAN is active in the following:


Instead of distributing Christmas gifts, we donate considerable amounts to NGOs, whereby the selection of the fulfillment of the SDGs is made. This year, for example, we supported Wiener Tafel, which has renovated a food refrigerated warehouse, the Wiener Tafelhaus. Other donations in recent years went to Austria for Kenya Kids Support, Caritas ("Wiener helfen Wienern", "Schenken mit Sinn", "Kindergarten in Albania"), Great Faith School Jamaica, Doctors Without Borders, Flood Disaster in Austria and Bockwerk-Ute Bock.


In some of ALLPLANs projects the focus is on knowledge transfer and further education. The focus of organized and implemented training is always on areas of increasing energy efficiency in industry and buildings and the use of renewable energy. In recent years, training and education have been carried out in the countries of Bahamas, China, Jamaica, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.


Ms Susanne Schindler is a member of the National Committee Austria of UN Women (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowering of Women). As ALLPLAN, we have signed the WEP - Women`s Empowering Principles of the UN Global Impact and the UN Women, thereby promoting diversity and equality within the company. The topic of women also occupies an essential place in our image film. We are glad that in our team we also have employees from Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey.


As part of credit line projects in 10 different countries (Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa), ALLPLAN has been involved in the identification, assessment, financing, implementation and verification of more than 30,000 renewable energy and energy efficiency projects for industry, buildings and the private sector. These activities started in 2002 and currently cover the countries of Egypt, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Slovakia.






In addition to the energy audits that ALLPLAN has conducted in more than 75% of domestic industry and around the world in around 30 countries, we have been actively researching various issues since 1999. Focal points include: climate-neutral Gründerzeit (Wilhelminian-era) building, load shifts in industry, increasing the electricity yield of back-pressure steam turbines, reducing the temperature of district heating networks, power to heat including heat storage or energy optimization of existing buildings.


ALLPLAN has been active in building design for more than 50 years. The focus here is on planning the building technology, especially of urban, large-volume (office buildings, hotels, shopping centers) and in some cases very complex buildings (hospitals, clean rooms, event buildings). Particular emphasis is placed on energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy. ALLPLAN has always been a pioneer in applying new technology to building design, such as core activation, river water cooling or building use as storage.


The energy efficiency and renewable energy activities already described for the other targets will save around 5 million tonnes of CO2 per year. In addition, we also deal with the issue of volunteer climate protection and have co-founded a subsidiary, ClimatePartner Austria. Our subsidiary first calculates current emissions from products, develops emission reduction solutions and also offsets emissions, similar to the idea of ​​the Climate Alliance of the Senate of the Economy, where ALLPLAN is also a member.


The Managing Partner Susanne Schindler and Helmut Berger, Managing Director, together with 2 Iranian colleagues founded an NGO named "European Association for Green Management". The aim is to promote environmental protection and sustainability as a topic in Iran and to support the greening of industrial processes and the existing building stock. First of all, "green standards" for processes and consumers were defined, their implementation supported and their compliance checked and, if necessary, certified.

Our partners of cooperation, memberships

Partners & customers


Partner for cooperation


How it all began

History of the company



of ALLPLAN GmbH in Vienna



  Planning activity on the entire technical building infrastructure (TGA)


Branch office St. Pölten

Main tasks of the branch office
are general contractor orders
for energy suppliers


Founding E&U

Founding of the business field
Energy and Environment (E&U)


Facility Management Consulting

Starting the activity of 
Facility Management Consulting


Climate Protection

Extension of the service offer
energy & environment around
the topic of climate protection


Climate Partner Austria

Allplan founds the subsidiary Climate Partner Austria GmbH

Allplan is the first Austrian test facility according to §9 of the EZG



Hospital, clean room and laboratory technology

Expansion of the TGA with the specialist areas of hospital, clean room and laboratory technology


Building physics, acoustics, technical sound insulation

Expansion of ALLPLAN services in the areas of building physics, acoustics and technical sound insulation


50 years of experience and innovation

ALLPLAN GmbH celebrates its founding anniversary


Munich, Tehran

Opening of the offices in Munich and Tehran


New Business Unit Energy Design / Climate Design

New Business Unit Energy Design / Climate Design