ALLPLAN Lecturing

It has been the case for many years that Allplan is very often invited for delivery of various lectures. Managing Director Helmut Berger has been lecturing on energy savings through plant optimization as part of the European Energy Manager (EUREM) Programme in the Chamber of Commerce, uninterruptedly since 2004.

For several years, Managing Director Georg Brandauer has been delivering lectures at the FH Pinkafeld and has been bringing all aspects of planning in building technology closer to students in the context of an “Integrative Planning Project” in addition to the topic “Benchmarking Building Technology”. As a visiting professor at KH Kufstein, Mr Berger also lectures on the subject of energy efficiency in industry and commerce and trains energy auditors in Georgia as well.

Experts from the business units also teach and deliver lectures: Mr Simon Handler shares his experience on “Energetically Optimized Building” and “Sustainable Building” at the FH Campus Vienna. Mr Thomas Eisenhut passes on his knowledge of steam systems in trainings, in the framework of the Europe-wide research project “Steam-Up” where a total of 75 energy audits - with a focus on steam - will be carried out across Europe by 2018.

It should also be mentioned that Allplan has been invited to many countries ranging from Caribbean region to China, to deliver lectures at international events. In many of our presentations we pass on Austrian know-how to developing and emerging countries.



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