Women power @Allplan / a proportion over 30%!


As a planning and consulting company with a substantial technical know-how, Allplan has a traditionally-high number of male employees. While women worked as technicians only in individual cases 30 years ago, today we have nine female employees working in technical consulting, two of whom are currently completing their technical internship at Allplan. Other female employees of ours work in the fields of business administration, perform as assistants in the technical areas and operate in quality management. Allplan currently has 15 female employees and 32 male employees; the proportion of women is over 30% - a sector record!

It is pleasing that more women have seen their way to technical careers as well as to Allplan through topics such as energy efficiency, climate protection, alternative energies and sustainability. Allplan will continue to look forward and act responsibly, as this is the foundation for a long-term business success and market reputation. This includes gender equality.

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