Allplan 2013 Climate Cup

The 16th Allplan Climate Cup was held under ideal weather conditions on June 7th, 2013.

This year our tournament was attended numerously, we welcomed more than 50 golf players.

As in past years, ALLPLAN took the opportunity of thanking our Mr. Anton Rapp, who has again succeeded in making very interesting flights and in reacting quickly at last-minute displacements.

The tournament has made all the players special joy and fun. Allplan thanked all participants for their good mood that was felt throughout the entire day. Great sporty results could be achieved on the one hand, and, on the other hand, there was enough time left for inspiring discussions and an interesting exchange of views.

Matching the good weather (against all weather forecasts) the chef of the GC Süssenbrunn invited after the game to excellent culinary specialities, that, freshly prepared, after a long day of golf appeased every hunger. The outstanding team and individual results were celebrated in the club restaurant until the late evening hours.

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For this year's golf season we wish you all the best!



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