ALLPLAN in Tatarstan


Tatarstan is situated about 800 km east of Moscow, is one the richest republics of the Russian Federation and can operate as an autonomous economic policy. Petroleum and natural gas deposits are to some extent only developed to contribute to the wealth of the republic.

Despite the large fossil energy resources there is a great need for the utilization of existing energy savings.

Therefore, ALLPLAN arranged for the second time a 4-day seminar on energy management in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan. The assignment was ordered by WIFI like the first time three years ago. The participants were from industries, universities and start-up companies across Tatarstan.

The content of the training was, beside the systematic approach, content and components of ISO 50001, practical examples of optimization of boiler houses, pumps and process equipment.

It was of special interest for the participants to discuss of the laws and mechanisms in the European market, since there are significant differences to the local conditions in Tatarstan.

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