ALLPLAN Lecturing 2013


Like in previous years ALLPLAN has often been asked to lecture in various issues. Since several years our Mr. Klaus Reisinger lectures at the FH Pinkafeld where he brings the students closer to climate protection. Also Mr. Georg Brandauer, DI DI (FH), the new business unit manager of Allplan St. Pölten Subsidiary, teaches “Benchmarking Building” at the FH Pinkafeld. Mr. Helmut Berger, Allplan Vienna, teaches energy efficiency as guest professor at the FH Kufstein.

Since 2004, Mr. Reisinger and Mr. Berger inform about energy savings obtained by system optimization and waste heat recovery in the context of training for European Energy Manager (EUREM) organized by the Chamber of Commerce.

Internationally, also worldwide, from the Caribbean over Russia to China, Allplan receives many requests for presentations at various events, and these invitations are often gladly accepted.

Below you’ll find a current list of lectures, which were held in the last few years by our employees as well as a preview of upcoming presentations at national and international conferences and meetings. With many of our lectures we give Austrian Know-how also to developing and emerging countries.

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