ALLPLAN Lecturing

As in previous years, ALLPLAN has been asked to share its knowledge about various topics. Since 2004, Helmut Berger teaches how to introduce energy savings through system optimization and waste heat recovery in the context of the European Energy Manager (EUREM) Programme in the Chamber of Commerce. Furthermore, Mr. Berger accepted a visiting professorship at the FH Kufstein in 2013; his lectures concern energy efficiency issues. At Gutwinski Management, Mr. Berger teaches how to plan, evaluate and sell energy efficiency measures since two years. Georg Brandauer teaches the subject "Benchmarking Building" at the FH Pinkafeld. Simon Handler give lectures about "Energetically Optimized Building" at the FH Campus in Vienna.

In addition, ALLPLAN receives always special requests and invitations for presentations at national and international conferences. ALLPLAN sees these invitations as an opportunity to transfer know-how to the attendees, and also to initiate animated discussions; these events can be  also a platform for project developments. The focus of these talks is made in the issue of energy efficiency. ALLPLAN implemented numerous energy audits in the past year, and therefore, has an extensive know-how in how to implement energy efficiency measures.

In an international level, ALLPLAN has been active -from the Caribbean and Russia to China- giving lectures at different events, giving Austrian know-how also to developing and emerging countries.

Below, it is possible to find a current list of lectures, which have been held by our employees during the last years, as well as a preview of the upcoming lectures at conferences and meetings. ALLPLAN is always pleased to receive invitations to future conferences and lectures. 

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