Allplan now active also in labatory and cleanroom technology


“GMP”, “laminar flow” or “ISO 14644” are the terms that cannot be ignored in the field of cleanroom technology. Was the cleanliness considered as a fundamental requirement by the Hippocratic Medicine in the Middle Ages, so today’s tools consist of extreme clean environments, regulations and complex instrumentation systems in order to secure a constant, high product quality. Under continuously changing framework conditions and through technical innovations it is necessary for engineers in this field to be on the cutting edge.

Thus, three representatives of ALLPLAN, Günter Schantl, Andreas Palka and Peter Pöchaker received an overview of the current products and services represented by more than 200 exhibitors during their 3 days’ visit to a trade fair “Lounges 2011” in Karlsruhe. Furthermore, they could choose between 200 presentations held by famous experts of industry, which dealt with issues well-chosen from the broad field of cleanroom technology. In the special atmosphere of the fair, the intensive program was still perceived very pleasant.

In early 2010 ALLPLAN has extended the competences to include the field of laboratory and cleanroom technology, and, now offers consulting services in this field, starting with project idea until the cleanroom qualification.


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