Allplan Winner of amaZone Award 2019!


Allplan has been awarded! Allplan’s intern, Ms Fozia Yaqub who has been working since November 2016 as technical drawer has won an award, thanks to generous support given by her colleagues from whom she has always received recognition for her outstanding success over the past few years.

Statement of Allplan:
“What this award means to us: Ms. Fozia Yaqub’s internship at our premises started in November 2016 thanks to our managing partner, Mrs Susanne Schindler who always looks for women in technology and at the same time pursues the idea of ​​active and practiced integration. The opportunity to include a young woman from Afghanistan with a displacement experience in our team is an enrichment, since hardly any of us had until then contact with individuals from this culture. Fozia has made it easy for us, she has adapted well to our culture - including the culture in our office. It was an honor to make our staff more diverse, we are delighted to have the chance to work with Fozia, we learned so much from her and are humbled at the chance to help her in ways related to drawing and working on the computer, the technical background of building technology together with all the way to the German language to encourage her to find her feet here in Austria. We are excited to keep working with her.

We are delighted to receive the amaZone Award because this award is a public recognition of our commitment, and we understand it as a political statement: it is not only possible, but also very useful for our society, young people from crisis areas giving Austria a chance to live and work with them - to integrate them in the best sense and broaden our horizon.”


The amaZone Award is an award for companies that employ girls and women who actively engage in the fields of engineering and technology.





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