Canon office building in Vienna: building energy efficiency for one of the world's leading provider of imaging products and solutions


The office building of Canon Austria GmbH on the southern outskirts of Vienna was built about 6 years ago based on a modern architecture and building technology concept. However, the energy efficiency experts of Allplan have set a goal to reduce the already now low energy consumption through comprehensive optimization measures and, further, to increase the comfort of the employees.

In the context of AEEP-Immo, the ALLPLAN Energy Efficiency Program for Real Estate, an energy monitoring system has been planned consisting of heat meters and electrical meters implemented by Allplan. The monitoring system in combination with the existing building control system enables the recording of all relevant energy consumption, the subsequent data evaluation and analysis, as well as a rapid and active intervention in control strategies and switching operations.

Through the analysis of the monitoring data and repeated analysis via remote access to the building control system already some tuning could be identified and implemented. This includes the adjustment of setpoints, for example, the ventilation and cooling systems, hydronic balancing of hot and cold water system and minor corrections by plausibility checks and evaluation of counter data.

AEEP-IMMO as Energy Perfomance Contracting model does not cause costs for the counters and other risks on the side of the client. The savings will be devided during the contract period between the partners, and after this all installations and entire savings will come in favour of Canon.

Since 2010 the yearly CO2-balance of Canon Austria GmbH is calculated by ClimatePartner Austria GmbH, a daughter company of ALLPLAN GmbH, beside the activities and services in the field of energy efficiency rendered by ALLPLAN GmbH. This CO2-footprint does not take into consideration only the costs incurred the company by direct emissions (heating & fleet) but also the indirect emissions caused, for instance, by power consumption, journeys of employees or business trips.

The annual updating of the CO2-balance allows Canon Austria GmbH to make clear implemented cost cutting measures and to plan further steps towards climate protection.

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