Cleaner Production Audit Colombia


Allplan GmbH was assigned by IFC (World Bank) and Carvajal Group with implementation of a “Cleaner Production Audits” = (AEEP) in two Colombian paper production factories. The aim of the project was to identify energy saving potentials having a short payback period.

During a two weeks’ visit to the industrial sites paid by our energy efficiency experts, Ms. Kohlhauser and Mr. Eisenhut, together with the local partner Mr. Humberto Rodrigues, all energy relevant fields of the sites in Yumbo and Guachene were analysed in respect of energy optimization potentials. Essentially, the following goals were the most important ones: 

  • Description of the actual balance of all energy-related areas
  • Show up all weak points
  • Energy flow of power and heat
  • Propose a catalogue of measures with payback period

In connection with optimization of energy the following fields were also taken into consideration:

  • Heat production, distribution, process heat
  • Identification of WRG-potentials and possible uses
  • Optimization of electrical engines (pumps, fans, compressed air, etc.)
  • Use of waste water to produce biogas
  • Optimization of processes
  • Change of fuel


The saving potentials thus identified in both Colombian sites amounted to 20-35 % of the yearly energy costs.

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