Cooperation between ALLPLAN and Green Brands


ALLPLAN conducted a scientific consultation and development of clients’ questionnaires to find out an ecologically sustainable enterprise or product, and, further, keeps on consulting development of “Green Brand Index” up to validation.

ALLPLAN has, together with Austria ClimatePartner SERI, prepared criteria questionnaires for companies and products for the seal of quality “Green Brands”.

  • Green Brands honors ecologically sustainable companies and products.
  • Based on a detailed questionnaire the status of Green Brand Index is determined.
  • Thereafter, the jury has a final veto.
  • The seal of quality can be used for PR purposes.
  • All award winning brands will be presented in a book and communicated by the media.

GREEN BRANDS is an international, independent and autonomous Brand-Marketing Organisation with headquarters on the “green island” Ireland.

Companies and brands that are nominated in a three-stage-process (Market Research / Online Survey / NGO proposal) must pass an extensive validation process, the level of which is documented in the “Green Brands Index”. A high-ranking jury has the final right to decide whether a mark is awarded by GREEN BRAND and, consequently, is allowed to use the seal of approval.

ALLPLAN has performed for Green Brands the following work packages:

  • Participation in the preparation of lists of criteria for environmentally sustainable businesses and products.
  • Creation of point system for the analysis of questionnaires.
  • Evaluation of the completed questionnaires and recommendation of the companies to be nominated by the jury.

The GREEN BRANDS seal ensures increased brand recognition: Consumers can identify the brand working to a great extent for the environment, nature, sustainability and ecological living and productions conditions.

 "Press Release" 23.9.2011:


Update October 2011


We are glad to announce the first “Green Brands” as below:



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