Ground-breaking ceremony for the Austria Campus


On December 11, 2014, the ground-breaking ceremony for one of the largest construction projects of the recent years took place in Vienna: 

The construction of the major project Austria Campus is imminent. In the second district of Vienna, a huge new building complex will arise. It is being built by Signa Holding of the investor Rene Benko. Construction work will begin in mid-January. Half of the area of the future campus will function as new headquarters of the bank in the Lassallestraße with two large administration buildings. The new headquarters, from 2018 onwards, will give working place to a total of about 6.000 employees of the Austrian subsidiary of UniCredit. The entire campus will eventually give more than 12.000 jobs a new home, the site covers a total area of 85 hectares.

ALLPLAN is responsible for entire technical building design and, thus, for about 50% of the life cycle costs. Allplan entered into project after the preliminary draft and is active with great dedication to the satisfaction of the old and new owners of the project. The project may be considered as a model project due to conflict-free project management and keeping time tables. Allplan will go on to work with full commitment for the project in 2015.

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