Launch of the ALLPLAN Energy Efficiency Program for Real Estate/ AEEP-Immo


On January 1, 2014, not only a new year began but the Allplan GmbH launched a new and innovative service. The ALLPLAN Energy Efficiency Program for Real Estate, in short AEEP-Immo, sets new standards in optimizing the energy consumption of existing properties. The energy efficiency experts of Allplan develop, plan and install an optimally balanced energy monitoring system by recording relevant consumption, for example, heating, ventilation and cooling systems. Besides pure recording and subsequent analysis of the data it is also possible to remotely intervene directly in the building control system and, thus, to step in the systems and to implement optimizations in real time. The customer, therefore, benefits from the first minute onward from the improvements and the sustainable decline in operating and energy costs. As a customer-oriented service AEEP-Immo can also be offered as Energy Performance Contracting, i.e. the customer will not be charged for additional equipment or measuring devices.

The elegant Nobel Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Schubertring in the city- center of Vienna is already benefiting from reduced energy consumption for heating, ventilation and air conditioning in the luxurious rooms. An intelligent measurement and control system with counters record all relevant consumption data and optimizations are implemented directly by specific controlling. In total, so adjusted over a period of five years, savings shall run up to € 600.000.-. The savings made are to be divided during the contract period among the partners, after that the entire savings and the installed equipment remain exclusively for the hotel.

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