Lecturing activities of ALLPLAN


Like in previous years, the employees of ALLPLAN are often asked to lecture in various issues. This proves that the Know-How of our company is very welcome. Our Mr. Klaus Reisinger regularly lectures at the Pinkafeld University of Applied Sciences, especially in climate protection issues. In the meanwhile, our Mr. Helmut Berger has also committed himself as visiting professor at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences; his lectures concern energy efficiency. In the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Mr. Klaus Reisinger and Mr. Helmut Berger also teach energy cost-saving through investment optimizing and waste heat recovery in the framework of training for European Energy Manager. Enclosed please find a current schedule of lectures held by our managers during the last months and a preview of upcoming lectures at national and international conferences and seminars. Many of these talks are passed on as Austrian Know-How to developing and emerging countries.

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