New aquarium in Tiergarten Schönbrunn

At the Schönbrunn Zoo, a new aquarium is being built for a wide variety of aquatic creatures, from turtles to jellyfish and sharks. The building will be built in reinforced concrete and is mostly embedded in a slope. The visitors are guided on a ramp path through the building.

Allplan has been contracted for the planning of the building services and building physics including associated simulations and consequently responsible for the overall energy management of the building.

Two features of the building are particularly interesting from an energy-technical point of view. On the one hand, due to the building structure and presence of multiple aquaria, the building has enormous heat storage capacity. On the other hand, the building will require heating and cooling throughout the year, all at the same time.

The energy technology concept allows the movement of heat within the building via several heat pumps. For example, heat can be kept away from aquaria which require cooling and delivered to parts of the building that need to be kept warmer.

The storage mass of the building is also used for storing network-generated environmental energy in the form of heat. This is achieved via intelligent storage management, which controls the operation of the heat pumps as a function of the grid-side power generation.

The new aquarium building is currently in the planning phase and it is expected to be opened in 2023!

(Status as of 04/2019) 

NFL ~ 8.000 m²
Concrete core activation ~ 2.500 m²
Cooling capacity 3 x 175 kW
Air volume 41.800 m³/h

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