New research project in Russian enterprises


In December 2014, Allplan submitted a research project proposal under the RUS PLUS initiative. The project, entitled “Optimization of industrial steam networks in order to raise the electricity yield in Russian enterprises”, was presented in joint cooperation with the Munich University of Applied Science (Germany) and the Energy Efficiency Center of Nizhni Novgorod (Russia).

In May 2015, the project was chosen to be funded among almost 60 other projects presented by different Austrian companies and institutions.

The goal of the project is to assess the steam networks that operate in harsh climate conditions like the ones present in Russia, and then develop a simulation model to analyze their behavior. With this information it would be possible to optimize the performance of the steam networks and achieve energy savings.

Our partner, the Munich University of Applied Science, will be in charge of constructing the simulation model, while the Energy Efficiency Center of Nizhni Novgorod will be in charge of field tasks such as data collection and market quantification. Allplan will bring to the project all its expertise in the energy optimization of different industries, like the pulp and paper industries. The project is expected to start in November 2015.

As stated above, the project is part of the ERA.Net RUS Plus initiative, which is a program that encourages the cooperation of EU Member States with Russia for the research of different modern topics like the Environment, Health, and Innovation.

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