Press Release: Change of Allplan´s Management


ALLPLAN: Management Team retains leadership
Klaus Reisinger will hand over the company´s management by the end of July to the existing management team

Vienna, May 27, 2015 - The company ALLPLAN, with 62 employees, is Austria's leading specialist in building services engineering, building physics, and energy efficiency, and will in the future be managed by the current authorised representatives Karl Spreitzhofer, Helmut Berger, and Georg Brandauer and the managing partner Susanne Schindler in a quadruple consortium. Klaus Reisinger, who worked for about 18 years at ALLPLAN, will be active as director of the company until the end of July 2015. He has decided to leave to pursue new professional challenges.

“Klaus Reisinger has significantly helped ALLPLAN to become one of the leading and internationally recognised companies in topics like resource conservation, efficient use of resources, and life cycle considerations in the building sector. We regret his decision and wish him success in his further career” says Susanne Schindler, Managing Partner of Allplan.

Continuation of corporate priorities

Reisinger is handing over a stable company, whose advisory, research, and teaching activities are constantly requested by Austrian and international companies and institutions active in the fields of industry and energy, international financing institutions and ministries, Austrian municipalities and funding agencies, among others.

"I will be at the disposal of the company in order to hand over my tasks to the existing business unit leaders, which have previously accompanied me in their respective fields, and I am convinced that the company is in good hands" said Reisinger.

The recent focus of the company will be continued, ensuring that existing and future projects will be handled by the team with the usual high quality and responsibility. The field of technical building equipment in Vienna will continue to operate under the direction of Karl Spreitzhofer, who is also responsible for hospitals and clean room technique, and building physics. Georg Brandauer will remain leader of the building services unit, district heating, and district cooling areas in St. Pölten, and also continue with the project Specialty Planning 4.0 for the industry. Topics related to energy efficiency and therefore, all services of the company regarding the new Energy Efficiency Law (EEffG), as well as international consulting and the AEEP-Immo Program (Allplan Energy Efficiency Program for Real Estate) will be under the leadership of Helmut Berger.

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