Recertification of the Quality Management System 9001:2008


Since autumn 2006 the ALLPLAN is being certified according to ISO 9001 as an internal project but, however, the Quality Management has been implemented since 2000. Ever since 2006 the Quality Management System has in an outstanding manner been conducted by our Ms. Olivia Landerl who in turn disposes of the necessary certifications.

On 24th of October 2011 the recertification audit was performed by the company LRQA through Mr. Harald Ketzer, and it turned out that the Quality Management System of the ALLPLAN GmbH was excellently implemented, as previously.

Some extracts of the report by Mr. Ketzer and Mr. König:

Audit result: The Audit did not reveal any Major Non Conformity (NC) so that a recertification can be recommended. No Minor NCs were found, either. The Management System was, as in previous years, for this type of company very suitable and is continuously being developed. The system is implemented very well in all areas audited and the operational procedures are stably taken care of. The employees know their tasks and responsibilities, and carry out their tasks set out by the system in a proper way. The attitude of the staff and management toward the Management System audited can be positively assessed. Continuous improvement is ensured by the correction of goal-setting process. The goals are continuously being reviewed.

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