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ALLPLAN Energy Efficiency Program for Real Estate

Property Owners, Property Managers, Facilities Management
2014 - on-going

The ALLPLAN Energy Efficiency Program for Real Estate, or shortened AEEP-Immo, sets new standards in optimizing the energy consumption of existing properties. The energy efficiency experts of Allplan develop, plan and install a specially adapted energy monitoring system for recording relevant consumption of for example heating, ventilation and refrigeration systems. Besides the recording and subsequent analysis of data, it is also possible to remotely intervene in the building control system, and thus into the equipments and implement optimizations in real time. Therefore, from the first moment the client benefits of the improvements and the sustained decline in operating and energy costs. As a customer-oriented service the AEEP-Immo can also be offered as an energy-saving contracting, that is, the customer will not be charged for additional equipment or measuring devices.

 Descriptions of Services:

  1. Energy Audit
  2. Analysis of tariffs, contracts and energy consumption data
  3. Retrofitting of intelligent measurement, control and energy monitoring systems
  4. Active energy management and equipment optimization

 Objective: Optimization of costs and a ultimately energy and cost effective property

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