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Emission report verification

25 industrial sites (sites (pulp & paper, cement, brick, aluminium industry)
2006 – on-going

Independent verification of reported CO2 emissions at the industrial sites in Austria


About 250 facilities (industrial sites as well as power plants) are included in the national CO2 allocation plan and have to monitor and report their CO2 emissions yearly. These CO2 emissions have to be verified by an independent verifier.  ALLPLAN is the first accredited verifier in Austria and verifies 25 sites each year. A team of 1-3 experts verifies the CO2 reports of the companies on site.

The following sites verified by ALLPLAN GmbH (since 2012 together with Lloyds Register) belong to the pulp & paper, cement or chemical industry:

  • UPM Kymmene Steyrermühl (pulp & paper)
  • Smurftit Kappa Nettingsdorf (pulp & paper)
  • Merckens (pulp & paper)
  • Mayr Melnhof Frohnleiten (pulp & paper)
  • Mayr Melnhof Hirschwang (pulp & paper)
  • Gmundner Zement (cement)
  • Jungbunzlauer (chemical)

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