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Support for certification according to EEG (energy management system)

Paper mill Meldorf
10/2010 - 11/2010

The aim of the project was to support 2 German paper mills (Meldorf & Tornesch) by implementing an Energy Management System. In the course of the project all relevant data for the certification according to EEG had to be collected and prepared. For the certification the following three lists had to be generated:

1) Energy input of each energy type used in the plant
2) Energy use (list of all relevant energy consumers on the two sites incl. annual energy consumption of each)
3) Saving opportunities (incl. annual savings, implementation costs, payback)


For the certification an energy map of all energy users for the whole company (input, distribution, consumer, and losses) has to be generated. For this all relevant data are collected and missing values are measured by the project team like temperatures, velocity, moisture, electricity consumption, etc. The consumptions were benchmarked with international standards in similar industry type. Furthermore saving opportunities were identified and assessed (annual savings, implementation costs, payback period). 

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