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Technical Support for Energy in SMEs in the Caribbean

Jamaica, Bahamas
2009 - 2010

The tourist industry is an essential employer and economic factor in Jamaica & Bahamas. Regarding energy both countries are strongly dependent on imports from the U.S., but also their economic dependency to U.S. is very high. They only produce 10% of their food demand by themselves.

The IIC carries out different programs, to support the economic independence of these countries. In the course of the project the IIC has supported small and medium enterprises, which are very dependent on tourism. The goal was to increase the energy efficiency of 10 SMEs, to provide information of their saving potential and optimization possibilities as well as to convert these businesses into carbon neutral ones.


The audited sites in Jamaica were 2 food producers and 2 hotels, in the Bahamas 3 hotels, a supermarket, a greenhouse and a ferry operation were examined. The identified saving potentials varied between 20 and 50% of the yearly energy demand. At the hotel sites the biggest saving potential was found for cooling, warm water preparation & lighting. The biggest potentials at the other sites come from heat supply, cooling, compressed air and other aggregates. Moreover, several sites could benefit from the implementation of combined heat and power cycle (CHP). Through training the staff was made aware of the importance of energy efficiency, whereas effective options of energy efficiency were displayed and described.

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