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Electrical drives for paper & pulp mills

Austria, Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands
Smurfit Kappa
09/2007 - 06/2010

Aim of the project was to optimize the energy efficiency of pumps, fans and compressors of 6 different Smurfit Kappa (one site in each of the following countries: Austria, Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain, and Netherlands). Reason therefore was a companywide internal target for energy savings in the area of electric drives.


In the course of the project with following work packages were dealt:

  • Data check: motor lists containing drives with a nominal power higher than a certain level were prepared by the client. ALLPLAN checked the data concerning plausibility and prepared questions for the onsite investigations.
  • On site investigation: ALLPLAN checked the selected drives with focus on the efficiency of the operational mode by discussion with site employees. Thereby, drives operating in a not efficient mode (for example, if mass flows are throttled by valves or controlled by bypass) were assessed.
  • Analysis: The degrees of the operating efficiency for the drives were quantified. ALLPLAN developed and suggested technical solutions (like variable speed control or impeller changes) and estimated the corresponding possible savings for the selected drives as well as the investment costs.

ALLPLAN prepared a report containing the present situation, a possible optimised situation and the corresponding possible savings in MWh/a and in €/a, as well as the investment costs for the optimisation measure.

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