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ALLPLAN Energy Efficiency Program for Glatfelter

Great Britain
Glatfelter Lydney Ltd Composite Fibers Business Unit

An Allplan Energy Efficiency Program (AEEP) is carried out in order to identify weak points in all energy relevant areas like boiler houses, energy distribution and energy consumers. Energy saving projects had to be identified in 2 different sites of the Glatfleter group in great britain.


In the course of the AEEP with following work packages have been dealt in the past and will be finalised during the project duration:

  • Data collection and creation of an energy map of all energy users for the whole company (creation of a energy balance of the boilers and the steam system, processes and utilities)
  • Benchmark of the energy consumption of the plant with international standards
  • Analysis of the following areas:
    • Boiler house: feed water, combustion air, flue gas, combustion losses, self consumption for water/condensate heating, degasification, heat recovering systems, steam generation, steam supply, condensate rate, auto production electricity, electricity supply, …
    • Production: production equipment, heat recovering systems, ventilation systems, steam and condensate system, electric drives, heating and cooling equipment, compressed air system…
    • Waste water treatment plant
  • Identification of weak points and technical solutions for example:
    • Heat recovery (preheating of water using the waste heat of  help condenser and pre heating of deionised water by flue gas waste heat), electrical drive optimisation, optimisation of thermo-oil system, etc.
  • Identification of technical solutions for optimisation and calculation of savings
  • Determination of investment costs  and evaluation of the pay back periods


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