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ALLPLAN Energy Efficiency Program for Mayr Melnhof Europe Board Sites

Mayr-Melnhof Karton GmbH & Co KG
04/2002 - 06/2007

The aim of this project was to reduce energy costs and CO2-emissions in the European Mayr-Melnhof cardboard sites to efficiently fulfil the reduction requirements emanating from the EU-emission trading scheme and to build up a Mayr-Melnhof information system for technical, economical and environmental issues.

Allplan identified energy saving potentials and distributes the information to all sites covered by the framework contract (2 in Austria, 3 in Germany, 1 in the Netherlands, 1 in Slovenia and 1 in Switzerland).


In the course of the AEEPs with following work packages were dealt:

  • Data collection and creation of an energy map of all energy users for the whole company (creation of a energy balance of the boilers and the steam system, processes and utilities)
  • Generate a water and material balance of the production process
  • Benchmark of the energy consumption of the plant with international standards
  • Analysis of the following areas:
        -  Boiler house: feed water, combustion air, flue gas, combustion losses, self consumption for water/condensate heating, degasification, heat recovering systems, steam generation, steam supply, condensate rate, auto production electricity, electricity supply …
        -  Production: production equipment, heat recovering systems, ventilation systems, steam and condensate system, electric drives, heating and cooling equipment, compressed air system…
  • Identification of weak points and technical solutions

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