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Audit: Colombian paper and pulp mills

International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group
01/2011 - 07/2011

The objective of the project is to generate energy and resource savings and optimizing recommendations for 2 paper mills in Columbia which can be implemented by the company and to create an Integrated Energy Management system for the mills, which can address the findings of the audit.


Detail Monitoring, measurement and data collection are carried out to:

  1. Create a energy map of all energy users for the whole company; generate energy maps for each energy type used in the plant and make a energy balance of the boilers and the steam systems, production processes and utilities.
  2. Benchmark the energy/water consumption of the plant as per the international standards in similar industry type
  3. Identify measures to reduce end-use demand for energy, water and raw material, for example by improving process system, improving mechanical system which include sealing of valves, fitting and flanges, packing , alignment of equipment etc.;
  4. Identify measures to improve the efficiency of utility service; for example by steam distribution system improvements, use of high-efficiency luminaries/motors,
  5. Explore the possibility of incorporating tri-generation into the process;
  6. Ways to enhance heat recovery or generation efficiency of the plant, giving special emphasis on the condensate recovery system;
  7. Possibilities of using process wastes for waste-to-energy projects; for example bio-methanization.
  8. Possibilities of improving the solid content of the “black liquor” recovery system
  9. Possibility of alternative energy sources for heat and electricity if any

these reviews include all production operations and supporting utility systems such as power generation systems, waste water treatment plant, heat recovery systems, steam boilers, office energy use and compressed air systems.

 Allplan also has to propose an Integrated Energy Management system that can be dovetailed to the requirements of the upcoming ISO 50001. 

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