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Bank Austria Lassallstrasse

Projekta Bauvorbereitungsges.m.b.H.
Planning: 1989 - 1991; Construction: 1992 - 1995

The location on the Praterstern, with eye contact to the Vienna landmark, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, in the immediate neighborhood of the Vienna City and recreation areas, turn the new building of BANK AUSTRIA to a central point of the city.

The administration and computing center in 1020 Vienna, Lassallestrasse 5, was planned by the architect group of

   Prof. Mag. Wilhelm Holzbauer,
   DI Dr. Kurt Hlawenicka,
   Prof. Mag. Andreas Lintl,
   DI Dr. Harry Glück,
   Prof. DI Georg Lippert

The basis area consists of approximately 24,000 m² (Measures: 130 m x 130 m – height, round 26 m)

Technical project

The heat supply is provided with the district heating. The heating of the offices is produced by fan coils (heating/cooling). The heating of the lounges, respectively customers’ areas is supplied with radiators, fan coils, floor-heating or through ventilation, as per need.

At the refrigeration system’s disposal there are 3 turbo cooling machines and a heat pump. These installations serve the cooling of the offices, kitchen, lounges and computing center. The heat loss from the computing center is conducted through the heat pump to the heating system. Thus, a large portion of the heating demand of the rooms and of warm water production can be covered.

For the room ventilation there are 24 ventilation facilities foreseen. Common water from an incorporated well delivers water for toilet flushing, façade cleaning and sprinklers for green areas. The power supply is provided with 2 separated 10 KV power supply storage from the Handelskai transformer station. 
   Transformer capacity: 5 x 2,000 kVA
   Emergency standby power system through 2 diesel aggregates a 2,000 kVA

Technical data

Useable area 54,000 m²
Heating installation 4,040 kW
Cooling 5,400 kW
Heating pump 608 kW
Ventilation installations 645,000 m³/h
Electricity Supply 13,500 kVA

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