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Terminal Tower Linz

appr. 36,000 m²
Terminal Tower Immobilien GmbH
2005 - 2008

The RTB Tower at the railway station in Linz is an office building which has been rent out to two major tenants.The building was designed by Wood Bauer & Partner, a Viennese architect office. The building mainly consists of the base area and tower area. In the base area there are common facilities, such as cellar, basement, entrance and 1 – 5 floors. The 6thfloor was implemented as technology floor. Between 7th and 24th floor there are office areas of the tower. In the 25th there is a loft center. Further, the garages are situated under the construction and under the courtyard of the building.

Technical projekt

To enable to design the areas according to the wishes of the user, all facilities were carried out axlewise, be it the fan coils, the ventilation elements, the sprinklers or the lighting. With the help of the building control system the rooms can individually be combined together with each other via LON-bus system. The heating energy is supplied by the district heating network of LINZ AG through an heat exchange station.

The ventilation of all office areas from the 7th floor upwards works with an 1-air change, partial cooling of the delivery air. The exhaust air flows sound deadened into the passage and is sucked in such a manner that enough air can still be led into subordinate areas such as wet rooms etc. The conference rooms are mechanically ventilated matching the number of persons. Both garages are ventilated with a CO-controlled system and additionally, in case of fire through a smoke ventilation. With the help of two ice machines with discharged condenser the climate cold water users are supplied. The offices are cooled and heated by fan 4 wire coils. Meeting rooms are cooled by the chilled air or through false ceilings fan coils. The drinking and fire water supply comes from the water supply network of the City of Linz. In order to supply the Tower with drinking water, appropriate pressure zones and pressure increases are foreseen. Preparation of hot water is ensured through a decentralized e-store. For the entire building, a sprinkler system is provided which also supplies the wet rising main. In the staircases dry risers were provided. For vertical access to the building for the tower area four lifts were planned with destination call control. Additionally, the base area was provided with four lifts and one escalator. To meet the requirements of the building in the future, too, the major tenants were provided with separate rising bus-bars which supply the respective power distribution.



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