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Ambulatorium Sonnenschein

Wolfgang Pfoser, Architect, Civil Engineer, General Contractor (For: Association “Diagnosis and Treatment Center for disabled children and young people”)
Planning: 2009 - 2010; Building: 2004 - 2006

The clinic Sunshine is a treatment center for disabled children and young people. The construction, which was designed as a blockhouse building, goes along with the road alignment (line of flight) and is curved in the main construction as well as furnished with swung roof in the height upwards in the general running line of the building.


The building consists of three floors where in the cellar basement you will find an open parking level, wardrobes, a technology center and a depot. In the ground floor there are therapy and medical areas, the entrance as well as a multi-purpose hall. The Management, administration and technical centers are located in the upper floor.

The heat production is driven by a natural gas-fired condensing boiler with 130 kw. The heating of the therapy and medical rooms as well as the multi-purpose hall are supplied with floor-heating. The heating of the further areas is provided with radiators. Preparation of warm water is ensured through a 500 l storage water heater.

With the help of a 50 kw refrigerator with discharged condenser the cooling batteries of ventilation systems for multi-purpose hall, therapy and medical rooms are supplied with air cooled chillers. For the ventilation of the building three central ventilation systems with heat recovery are used, thus, supplying the areas of multi-purpose hall, therapy, offices, interior – and wet rooms. The power installations consist of high voltage and low voltage distribution (manifold) units, security lighting and lighting installations.

Technical data

Floor space: 2,725 m2
Heating installation: 130 kW
Refrigerator: 50 kW
Ventilation: 7,575 m³/h
Electricity supply: appr. 200 kVA

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