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Kaiser Franz Josef Spital Wien (=Hospital)

4.300 m²
Wiener Krankenanstaltenverbund
1994 - 1998

The Reconstruction of the cross section and radiation therapy center as well as the renovation of the central X-ray institute in the Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital were planned in the years 1994-1995 and implemented during 1995-1998. The construction of the cross section and radiation therapy center with a gross floor are of 4,300 m² consists of 4 floors. In the cellar basement there are the technical centers, wardrobes, archives and storage rooms. In the ground floor there are the examination and treatment rooms with the waiting areas. The radiation therapy areas consist of the rooms for 2 linear accelerators, brachytherapy, treatment planning and control rooms. In the cross section there are the rooms for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), CT (spiral CT) and ultrasound (sonography). Service rooms are mainly situated in the 1st floor, the cooling and ventilation units in the 2nd floor. The project combines patent-oriented, modern medical technology with comfortable and confidence-building environment.

Technical project

The entire building equipment was planned in accordance with the standards for hospitals and the guidelines of the Hospital Association. The areas of the medical facilities, of the patients and staff were to be furnished with climatic conditions; this was a special challenge for the building and security technology. The hygiene requirements (room classes II and III in the treatment and examination rooms) were another focus point in planning the building service installations. ALLPLAN was assigned with the planning, bidding, examination of offers and site supervision of all building services including medical gases and the need of energy supply (transformer, emergency power system) for the sectional drawings and radiation therapy center as well as with the rebuilding of the central X-ray institute.

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