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Sanatorium Maimonides Center

Israelitische Kultusgemeinde (The Jewish Religios Community)
2006 -2009

The Jewish Religious Community builds in the neighborhood of ZPC school center and the Hakoah sports center a nursing and residence building. On the ground floor there are the management, treatment facilities, dining rooms, a kiosk as well as a hairdressing salon. In the basement floors there are a garage, canteen kitchen, wardrobes, storage rooms and technical rooms. In the upper floors there are 135 nursing rooms and 148 apartments.


The heating is provided by district heating – the transformer station supplies the school and sport center. The rooms are equipped with radiators, patients’ bathrooms have floor heating.

All rooms are mechanically ventilated, whereby max. heat recovery degrees are reached. In winter the moistening of air is supplied with a boiler heated by gas.

In summer, the nursing rooms are chilled by activating of a building component, administration rooms and therapy facilities are furnished with cooling joists. With the help of the ground water and a mechanical cooling facility the air is kept dessicated. Warm water is prepared by the district heating.

Power is supplied with a transformer station which also covers the power requirement of the school and sports center. During breakdown of power, an emergency power aggregate ensures the operability of elevators, safety lighting, pressure ventilations, smoke extraction during fire and communication systems.

The nursing areas are equipped with multi-functional nurse calling system and rescue system of disoriented persons. Further security installations consist of fire alarm unit, announcement system as well as protection installations for video, access control and against violent intrusion.


Useable area                        36.000 m²
Heating installation                2 ,000 kW
Cooling                                     1,000 Kw
Groundwater well                         20 l/s
Ventilation installations     130,000 m³/h
Electricity Supply                      2,300 kVA

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