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The new building extension of the Association of the Sophie hospital was planned in 1997 and built during the years 1998 – 1999.The extension runs along the base border of Gürtel (=Belt) and forms a connecting link between the existing Kenyon- and Surgery- Pavilion. The nursing center and polyclinic with altogether 60 beds consist of a building with four floors with a floor space of 5,400 m2.

In the basement there are the technical facilities as well as rooms for staff, wardrobes and archive. On the ground floor you will find the polyclinic with treatment and therapy areas, laboratories and medical engineering working rooms, as well as the entrance hall with a café. In the upper floors there are nursing stations with necessary side rooms. 

The entire technical building design was planned according to the norms for hospitals and guidelines of the Vienna Hospital Association.  To supply the polyclinic with medical engineering equipment and medical gas required a complex planning of the technical building units to be connected with the nursing care area in the upper floors. 

ALLPLAN had the assignment to plan, to tender and to control the offers ; additionally, to carry out the   building control of the entire technical building design concerning the nursing center and polyclinic.


  • HKLS + MRS
  • Heating 450 kW installation
  • Ventilation - 4 units
  • Total air amount 31,500 m3/h
  • Sanitary 247 units
  • Ww-preparation 1,700l storage amount
  • wetrisers
  • 12 Wall-mounted hydrant cabinets
  • Disinfection units
  • 4 Central dosing unit stations
  • Medicinal gases with 28 outlets


  • Capacity installed                            260 kW
  • Simultaneous capacity need        170 kW
  • Transformers                                   630 kVA
  • Low voltage main distribution  
  • Emergency power supply              200 kVA
  • Fire alarm supply, Full protection
  • Communication Design
  • Lifts / Bed Lifts                                      2 pcs     

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