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Bonn Bundeskunsthalle (=Federal Art Hall Bonn)

Atelier Gustav Peichl, Architekt
Planning 1996-1991; Building time: 1989-1992

The Art and Exhibition hall was designed by Gustav Peichl, a famous Viennese architect, as a significant building and communication center which is able to cope with substancial concepts from the architectural point of view. The layout is based on the idea of a flexible usage. On the reverse side of the 96 m long façades of the cubic building there is a 10 m deep service zone with offices, workshops, meeting rooms, library and 3 exhibition galleries.

The inner quadrat is devided into foyer, large hall, atrium hall and forum. The exhibition hall offers a variety of small, middle-sized and large rooms which can be used for different purposes, for instance for all kinds of exhibitions. The exhibition core and the service area all around are put into shape according to size and height of the rooms, in such a manner that a changing character of space comes up; this can even be varied by lighting options. The light towers signalize the triad of visual arts – architecture, painting and sculpture. They provide the exhibition areas with lighting and modify the orthogonal space system. In the internal area the towers are turning to pillars which act here by light and light guidance. The planted roof scenery, the fifth façade of the house, is used as official space for sculpture exhibitions, and it extends the exhibition area by 8,000m².

“In the outer designing of the building I did not want to achieve any imitation of shiny, provisional appearance, and, neither any collection of “Bonmots”. It was important to me to aim durability and simplicity while using extreme reservation, without denying any built self-confidence and demand for a cultural building. The design of the interior suits the tasks and purpose of the museum” says Gustav Peichl.

Technical Data - Theatre technics

  • Lighting system for room and stage lights with incorporated, remotely controllable headlights
  • Sound system with fixed and variable loudspeaker systems, 24-channel-mixer console, play equipment, effects, microphonics
  • Computerized systems at the stage area
  • Video- and dia projection (up to 6x7 cm), film prejection (16/35 mm)
  • Screen, 9,70x7,10 m, blue background cloth, vertically moveable
  • Scissors lift platforms, max. usage area 140 square meters
  • Interpriters’ cabine, maximally five languages at the same time
  • Video studio and –technics, system standard Sony Beta-cam SP, with 3 cameras, direction and various trick-, cut- and play options, commentators’ place and a lighting system of their own, a place for broadcasting van with broadcasting cut area.

Architectural Data

Building area 96 x 96 m
Gross floor area 32,033 m²
Gross space contents 156,833 m³
Total exhibition area 5,610 m²
Garden on the roof 8,000 m²
Height of the building 12 m


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