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Wiener Konzerthaus

Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft
Planning: 1996 - 1998; Building: 1999 - 2002

ALLPLAN was assigned with preparation of a feasibility study on the basis of an architectural concept in 1996. Since the results of the feasibility study were positive both in technical and economical respect ALLPLAN was also assigned with further planning steps and as the local general contractor for the durance of completion within the next three years, whereby the concert activities were maintained.

Dabei wurde ein wesentliches Augenmerk auf die Erhaltung der historischen Substanz gelegt. Gleichzeitig wurden an die technischen Anlagen höchste Anforderungen hinsichtlich Raumakustik, TV-Übertragungssysteme und Sicherheitstechnik gestellt.

Technical data

Heating (Vienna district heating ) 1,400 kW installed capacity
   Radiators 700 kW
   Ventilation and climate 800 kW
Ventilation and climate – 26 installations
   Total air volume 250,000 m³/h studio and concert hall quality
   Fire smoke ventilation
Pressure ventilation for the foyer 150,000 m³/h
Refrigeration 800 kW delivered from WEV
Sanitary technics – new installation 250 units
   New installation of hydrants and erasers
   New installation of sewerage, waste management of dirty water and rain water
MSR 2,400 data points and 12 lower stations

Low voltage and security technics
Essentially, the low voltage and security technical facilities concerning new installations are as below:
- Fire alarm unit as full protection
- Security lighting / computerized control
- Video and access control
- Person call equipment, stage caller
- Electrical – acoustic facility
- Professional sound system
- Videography and audio equipment for TV and radio transmissions

High voltage facilities
- Renewal of the entire high voltage facilities, cabel system, distributor stations
- Renewal , respectively reconstruction of the historical luminaires
- Enlargement of the transformer stations to 800 kVA
- New installation – Emergency power aggregate, approximately 150 kVA
- Individual counting of the users’ consumption

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