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Museum für angewandte Kunst (=museum of applied arts)

BmfWA / Immorent
Planning: 1992 – 1994; Period of construction: 1994-1997

The ALLPLAN GmbH was assigned in 1988 with the preparation of a study concerning the adaptation and reconstruction of air conditioning of MAK (=Museum für angewandte Kunst = museum of applied arts). 

After approval of the study by BmfWA and appointment of IMMORENT GmbH as general constructor ALLPLAN GmbH was authorised with planning and construction supervision in accordance with the suggestions made concerning heating / ventilation / air conditioning and plumbing.


The planning services were conducted in close co-operation with the authorities who protect buildings with high historical and cultural value. Wing-Stubenring and Wing-Weißkirchnerstrasse demanded different air conditioning values.

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