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ZPC- School Center and HAKOAH-Sport Center

Israelitische Kultusgemeinde
2006 - 2009

The Jewish Religious Community builds a school and sports center on the restituted premises in the neighborhood of the Prater stadium. The ZPC-school includes a kindergarten, elementary school, high school as well as a kosher school kitchen.

The Hakoah sports and leisure center consists of 3 modern sport halls, fitness equipment, wardrobes and wellness area, restaurant and areas for outdoor activities, like tennis court, all-purpose area and pool.



The heating is driven by the district heating through a central transformer station in the care home – till completion of the care home and the routing of cables in the Wehlistrasse the facilities are provided with a heating container. The heat is mainly delivered by radiators and convectors. Wardrobes, wellness area and kindergarten are supplied with floor heating, the sport hall again with overhead heating tiling.

Warm water preparation takes place in central stations for sports and school areas, the delivery of which is ensured with the help of circulating conductions. Practically, all rooms are equipped with mechanic ventilation, which enables air intake and exhaust air installation with max. heat recovery degrees. The classrooms are supplied with attendance sensors and power volume control. In the summer time cooled air is blown in – the cooling energy is taken from a fountain especially built for this purpose and is sucked back by a swallowing fountain into the earth.

The transformer station is integrated as a collective installation in the care center. The safety installations consist of fire alarm unit, announcement system as well as protection installations for video, access control and against violent intrusion.


Useable area of sports center             5,000 m2
Useable area of school center          10,000 m2
Heating installation                                   750 kW
Cooling installation (well)                          12 l/s    
Ventilation installations                      45,000 m3/h
Electricity Supply                                       650 kW

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