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Ankara - Shopping Mall - Kizelay

Umdasch GmbH
04/2000 - 02/2001

This project dealt with a shell construction with roof and façade, where the entire technical building design, interior and shopping area equipment had to be installed and, respectively, implemented. The 9-floor building of 42,000 m² space is located in the center of Ankara and was designed to serve as a department store.

Following installations of the technical building services had to be carried out:

  • Heating, ventilation, cooling
  • sanitary installations
  • sprinklers
  • lighting
  • net compensation unit
  • security technical units
    - fire alarm installation
    - goods’ security control
    - security lighting
    - video control
  • electro-acoustic installations
  • TV/antenna units
  • empty tubing for transmission nets (data, language, picture, text)
  • building control technics (MSR)
  • heat insulation and fire protection isolation

Building data

Gross sales area appr. 25,000 m2
Seats in restaurant appr. 1,000
Visitors/hour appr. 7,000
Installed boiler capacity 3 x 870 kW
Installed cooling capacity 2 x 1,100 kW and 1 x 220 kW
Power (power rating) 4,500 kVA devided to 5 transformers
Emergency power supply 2 x 1,640 kVA

Conveyor technics

36 escalators/moving walkways
2 panorama elevators, outside/2 stations
2 panorama elevators, inside/10 stations
1 central elevator/persons, inside/12 stations
1 service lift/goods/persons, inside/13 stations
1 service lift/goods/persons, inside/12 stations
1 lift for the disabled /persons, inside/15 stations
2 service lifts/goods/inside/3 stations
1 trapeze lift/goods/persons/4 stations
1 elevator for persons “Rondo”, inside/4 stations 

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