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Fernkälte Spittelau (=District cooling center Spittelau)

Fernwärme Wien GmbH
Feasibility Research: 2006 – 2007

The goal of the research assignment was to develop a model in order to calculate an economic comparison between a centralized and decentralized cooling supply. As a basis the net present value method was chosen. The district cooling solution was considered as a central refrigeration supply.

Decentralized chilling supply means a conventional compression refrigeration supply for cold water production to cool the building. When choosing a refrigeration method one should – beside economical aspects – also take the ecological aspects into consideration; this idea was realized with a CO2 –emission comparison.

A homogeneous calculation model was prepared in order to be able to differently assess objects – independently from their situation in respect of profitability of their cooling supply.

To be able to test the theoretic model in practice, a specific comparison was carried out. As case study a decentralized refrigeration supply of a Viennese project in a new building was compared with the supply delivered by the district refrigeration supply.

In this specific case some further parameters were also taken into consideration, which impact the rentability, such as utility costs, tenants’ facilities turning vacant, possible price increases in spe, etc.

Parallelly to this calculation model a technical feasibility of a district refrigeration production from the thermal remnant (waste material) valorization Spittelau was realized. The feasibility was reached in such a high quality so that a tender was prepared based on this result.

The conclusions of this feasibility study have resulted in the fact that the district refrigeration supply can be offered as an alternative in some districts of Vienna. However, it is necessary to compare this with the conventional cooling supply; the calculation program is fast and universally useable. It is also necessary to advise the investors before they decide on a refrigeration system.

District cooling can be used as partial solution in summer months. The first successful examples prove the competitive feasibility of the district cooling. In the next few years new cooling islands shall be built in Vienna.

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