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Gebrüder Weiss Logistics Center Maria Lanzendorf

Gebrüder Weiss Transport und Logistik GmbH
2004 - 2006

The new terminal of Gebrüder Weiß was built in Maria Lanzendorf to replace five sites in and around Vienna;  Gebrüder Weiss focuses all activities on one central site only. The terminal consists of the buildings as mentioned below.


  • 7 warehouses
  • 3 halls of transshipment
  • One two-floor and one five-floor office building on the northern side, and, respectively, on the western side of the halls of transshipment to manage solutions for transport and logistics.
  • One five-floor office building where the departments for administration, management and book-keeping are situated.
  • A further building for Customs Duty and Control Stand in the north of the area.


The heat production is supplied in three heating centers with the help of fan boiler driven by co-fired natural gas.

  • Heating of warehouse and hall of transshipment            2,500 kW
  • Heating of offices                                                                        500 kW
  • Heating of Customs Duty and Control stand                        250 kW

The heating of the warehouse and halls of transshipment is driven by recirculating heater in the ceiling. In the office department, the corridors and staircases, secondary and wet rooms are supplied with radiators and, respectively, floor heating. The offices themselves are heated with fan convectors in the walls.

Through two chillers

  • Offices                                                           525 kW
  • Customs Duty and Control Stand            120 kW

the wall fan convectors are supplied with air cold water in the offices as well as in the Customs Duty and Control Stand.

The ventilation of the office building is carried out with 11 central ventilation units where heat recovery is used. Thus, the interior areas and wet rooms are supplied with such a ventilation. Further, the entire surface and roof water is led into four reservoirs (2 x 400 m² , 2 x 300 m²) and is disposed of via a pipeline of approximately 1,6 km of length into the river of Schwechat by using 10 submersible pumps (total capacity: 150 l/s). The water supply of the internal hydrants in the halls is arranged by a pressure booster station from a fire water basin of 1,000 m³, which is topped up via the local community water supply. In case of fire, the outer hydrant – ring line is also supplied with the fire water from the basin by using fire pumps.


Employees in the new terminal:       appr. 470
Total area:                                                       105,000 m2
Built area of the total                                        35,000 m2
Office area                                                            7,500 m2
Total useable area of warehouses               42,000 m2


Heating units                     3250 kW
Chilling units                        645 kW
Ventilation installations 33700 m³/h

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